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Welcome to this special edition of the WebRing newsletter, .

R360 and WebRing Join Forces

Power Your WebRing Experience with R360.
We are exceptionally excited to invite you to join the all-new R360 — a secure social network, enhanced with collaboration tools that make life easy.

Think of R360 as your online headquarters.

How Do WebRing and R360 Fit Together?

While WebRing is your public face on the internet, R360 is your private "conference room."

Once you have used your WebRing membership(s) to attract potential contacts/customers, you can use R360 to work with those trusted people in a secure and private environment.

R360 offers a level of privacy that emphasizes ease of contact and sharing crucial to building solid relationships.

What Makes R360 Special?

Clouds! Whether you think of them as projects, forums or groups, R360 clouds will create very obvious connections between all things related to the cloud, like emails, calendars, documents, members and more.

In other words, R360 clouds eliminate the need to hunt or jog your memory and streamlines the way you collaborate.

What Else Can You Do with R360?

R360 offers a full range of features that anyone hoping to streamline their collaboration could want:
  • Check your email accounts in one place.
  • Upload, organize and share files quickly and easily to your library.
  • Discuss and coordinate social events like gatherings, family reunions and parties.
  • Manage multiple projects, email accounts and customer interactions in a central location.

Want to Sign Up with R360?

We have made signing up with R360 as easy as possible. All you need to do is sign in to your WebRing account right now and you will be greeted with your chance to accept our offer.

Simply choose to sign up with R360 and we'll automatically create your R360 account for you. It's that easy.

Ready to sign up with R360?

Coming Soon to WebRing
Simple R360 Cloud Creation via Rings
Within the next few days, we will add the ability for all you Ring Managers to create an R360 cloud for the rings you manage, providing you with an instant private space to collaborate and connect with your ring's members - across all rings..
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