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Greetings !
From St. Valentine's Day to the Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month, February is a heart-filled month. Check out these rings for a dose of amorous goodness.

February is Relationship Wellness Month   February is Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month   February 14 is St. Valentines Day   February 10-16 is Celebration of Love Week   February 17-23 is International Friendship Week  
WebRing Announces...
WebRing FAQ Submission Page
FAQ Submission Page
Tired of wading through overly technical answers to your help questions? Announcing the FAQ Submission page, where you can help create the all-new WebRing FAQ page!

How to Submit Questions & Answers
The submission process is extremely simple. Follow these steps to submit a question or answer:

  1. Go to the FAQ Submission page.
  2. To submit a question only, fill in the Question field, leave the Answer field empty, then click the Submit Edits button.
  3. To submit a question and answer, fill in both the Question and Answer fields. Then click the Submit Edits button.

After you've submitted your question and/or answer, it will be listed in your sidebar as a "Pending Question" or "Pending Answer" (if you submitted both a question and answer).

To learn how submissions are processed, as well as guidelines for successful submissions, see the full blog post here.

Rewards for Submitting Q&A's
If you're one of those who are frustrated with the overly technical language of our help pages, the greatest reward is obvious - a FAQ page that everyone can understand. And of course, you will receive Activity Points for submitting questions and answers. Our staff will award AP on a case-by-case basis.

We know you have questions, so what are you waiting for? Go submit some questions today.

Think you have what it takes? We've already added a bunch of commonly asked questions that await an answer.

WebRing Tech Tip
Encouraging Ring Member Participation
Last month, we announced the Great Tech Tip Drive. Member and Ring Manager idowebsites provided 5 short and concise tips that any Ring Manager should find helpful in enhancing their rings. You can read all 5 tips in the WebRing Newsletter Team forum, but we thought you would find this ones particularly helpful:

Getting Members to Participate
Email all your members and ask them to "click through" the member sites using the NavBar. Ask them to rate each site and to report problems to you. You can also set up a competition among the members and give away a "featured" position in the ring.

Related Blog Post: Use Forums to Connect with Other Members

Have a Tech Tip to Share?
Member idowebsites earned 1000 Activity Points and will receive a WebRing T-Shirt and Cap. The Great Tech Tip Drive will continue indefinitely, so you have plenty of chances to contribute your knowledge and to earn big rewards. Join the WebRing Newsletter Team forum today!

Note to Ring Managers

Remember that the WebRing Managers forum is an excellent place to learn about the latest updates to WebRing. It's also a good place to network with other RMs.
WebRing Supports National Mentoring Month
Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week
February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week. Considered the most common birth defect, Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) affects 1 in 125 newborns. That's 40,000 babies in the US alone. It's also the leading cause of newborn deaths.

The Congenital Heart Information Network (CHIN) has tirelessly worked to educate the public with the hopes of encouraging "additional funding for support and educational services, scientific research, and improved quality of care for our children and adults."

We invite you to volunteer with CHIN, or to help raise awareness in one of the ways CHIN suggests:

  • Coordinate event with Hospital Participation
  • Lobby your government officials
  • Raise awareness in your community
  • Blog about CHD
  • Use Facebook or MySpace

Did you know there are no rings dedicated to specifically to CHD? We encourage a truly passionate member to create a ring, then to invite the many CHD-related sites and blogs to join.

WebRing Contest
What is WebRing?
Attention all you creative types! We have two new challenges for you.

Challenge #1 — Define WebRing
In approximately 50 words, tell us what a WebRing Community is. If accepted, your submission will earn you 50 Activity Points.

Challenge #2 — Visualize WebRing
As the old saying goes; "A picture's worth 1000 words." Create something graphic that shows how a WebRing Community works. If accepted, your submission will earn you 500 Activity Points.

The prizes for winning are notoriety and a lifetime premium membership. For complete details, click here.

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