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Happy New Year !
2008 was a spectacular year, especially in terms of member activity. Thanks to member dedication, a lot of rings have been spruced up. Check out the rings below to see why they have been named the Excellent Rings of 2008.

Visit the Permaculture & Sustainable Agriculture WebRing Community   Visit the World Wide Gardens WebRing Community   Visit the Dog Breeders WebRing Community   Visit the Pomeranian Lovers WebRing Community   Visit The ORIGINAL Transformers WebRing Community  
WebRing Announces...
WebRing Mentor Program
The WebRing Shoutbox has revealed that quite a few members are more than willing to offer help to other members. It is in this spirit that we are excited to announce the development of the WebRing Mentor Program.

Mentors will provide invaluable guidance to people who have newly signed up with WebRing and don't know what to do next. Ideally, all mentors will help answer the most frequently asked questions. If you know how to add a NavBar to a site and how to join a ring, you might just make a great mentor.

Why Mentor?
Even the most well-written of instructions lack that special ingredient — the human touch. When you mentor a new member, you connect with that person in a way that no set of instructions ever could and might even make a new cohort in the process. As extra incentive, anyone who mentors a new member will earn Activity Points, lots of them!

Want to Mentor?
To express your interest in mentoring a new member, identify your status below and follow the instructions:

  • Super-helpers — State your interest in the Super-helpers forum.
  • WebRing 2.0 — Contact your 2.0 rep.
  • WebRing 1.0 — Write to with the subject line "I want to mentor." Include your user ID and a brief explanation as to why you feel you would make a good mentor.
We will continue to post updates on our blog. To stay informed, subscribe to our RSS feed.

Coming Soon...
By mid-January, we will have launched the FAQ submission page. What is it? One more chance for you to ask questions and share your knowledge. Watch for the special announcement.

WebRing Tech Tip
Support Ticket Essentials
When opening a support ticket, it's best to provide as much detail as possible. The two most often forgotten pieces of information are the Ring ID and/or the URL.

Ring ID
The Ring ID is found at the end of the URL. When on the sites page of your hub, the Ring ID is found at the end of the URL immediately following the equals sign (=).

Where to find a Ring ID

Remember — A ring's title is NOT the same as the Ring ID.

URL is merely the technical term for a Web address. If you experience a glitch, remember to document the URL you were on when you encountered the error.

Missing Ring IDs and URLs account for many delays in support ticket response time. The more detail you provide, the quicker your problem can be resolved.

Write your own Tech Tip and earn up to 1200 Activity Points! For details, see the contest below.

WebRing Supports National Mentoring Month
National Mentoring Month
"How lovely that everyone, great and small, can make their contribution... how we can always, always give something, even if it is only kindness." — Anne Frank

After putting together most of this newsletter, we looked for a cause to support. Lo and behold, we discovered that January is National Mentoring Month.

Okay, so maybe it's not a cause, but it fit too well with this month's theme to pass up. We know that not only do opportunities for providing mentorship abound, but the need for mentors is just as bountiful.

Working with troubled youth, apprenticing an eager learner in a craft, coaching an up-and-coming athlete, teaching grandma how to send email- these are all just some of the ways you can mentor another.

Whatever your specialty, we hope you can find the time this year to offer your knowledge to someone special in your community.

WebRing Contest
The Great Tech Tip Drive

Thinking about mentoring new members? Have a knack for making the most of your WebRing account? Why not write a Tech Tip?

You can earn up to 200 AP for each Tech Tip you submit.* Each entry should be short (250 words or less), focused, and well-written.

If we select your Tech Tip for inclusion in a future newsletter, we'll award you 1000 AP, link to your WebRing profile, and send you a WebRing T-shirt and cap.

To submit your Tech Tip, join the WebRing Newsletter Team and post it to the forum.

*AP awarded on a case-by-case basis.

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