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Greetings <>!
We had so much fun last month offering you an assortment of WebRing Communities to check out, that we're doing it again:

November is International Drum (Percussion) Month   November 6 is Guinness World Record Day   November 8 is National Parents as Teachers Day   November 18 is Married to a Scorpio Support Day   November 20 is The Great American Smokeout  
WebRing Announces...
Text Messaging
A couple months ago, we soft launched WebRing SMS. Now, it's time to roll out the red carpet for this latest and greatest addition to the site.

What Is SMS?
"Short Message Service" (SMS) is better known as "text messaging." It's reported that as much as 74% of all cell phone users send text messages, and the percentage increases each year.

Why Offer SMS?
Our reasons are two-fold. Firstly, SMS presents a way for you to communicate instantly with other WebRing members. Additionally, the SMS service allows you to receive alerts regarding your WebRing account. Such alerts include new submissions, WR Messages, updates to your ring memberships, comments added to your blog, and new posts to forums.

How Do You Get Started?
To Activate Your SMS:

  1. Register your cell phone.
  2. Check your cell phone for a text message from us with your verification code.
  3. Enter the verification code that is sent to your cell phone.
To Send a Text Message:
  1. Visit your My Account page.
  2. Look for and click the "Send Text Message" link.
  3. Enter the WebRing ID or phone number of your intended recipient.
  4. Enter your message (up to 160 characters).
  5. Click the "Send" button.
Enjoy this fun and engaging enhancement to your WebRing experience. To learn more about WebRing's SMS, visit the FAQ.

WebRing Tech Tip
Processing Pendings Just Got Easier
Do you look forward to helping process pending WebRing Community submissions, but don't enjoy having to hunt for them? Well, we just made the hunt a little easier.

Announcing the Pendings List
After you sign in, you can access an updated list of the latest WebRing Community submissions on the following pages:

  • WebRing Homepage - Look for the section labeled "NEW Submissions!"
  • Directory Pages - Click on any category to open its directory page. If available, you will see a list labeled "Pendings in: Category."
  • Ring Hubs - Same as the Directory pages. Scroll down to the bottom of the hub page to find a list labeled "Pendings in: Category/Subcategory."
To process the pendings, click the site title to open the WebRing Community hub page. Then click on the red "Pending Submissions" link found below the title bar.

Who Is Excluded?
Some of you WebRing 2.0 members might be unsettled right now. No need to worry. Although your WebRing Communities will show on the pendings lists, no one except for those you have authorized will be capable of processing pendings in your Communities.

Why Process Pendings?
First and foremost, you help keep WebRing a satisfying experience for new and old members alike. Plus, your pro-active approach will help keep WebRing Communities on-topic and high-quality. And if the props weren't enough, you earn Activity Points for each pending you process! Want to process some pending submissions right now? Click here.

Have a Tech Tip to share? Join The WebRing Newsletter Team!

Holiday Tip
Remember, the gift-giving season is just around the bend. Use your Activity Points to purchase items in the Rewards Room, and we will gift wrap and ship your selected items to your friends and family for free (US and Canada only). Visit the Rewards Room today.

WebRing Supports Going Purple for Alzheimer's Awareness
In the US alone, over 10 million people care for a person with Alzheimer's disease. The cause of this devastating dementia is still not clearly understood and continues to create tremendous turmoil for tens of thousands of families every year.

November is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month. Although no cure is currently in sight, we can all do our part to help raise awareness of this terminal disease.

The Alzheimer's Association presents several ways for companies and individuals like you to help raise awareness. Aside from organizing Memory Walks or giving out coffee for donations, the easiest way you and/or your company can help out is to Go Purple!

The essence of this approach is simple: Dress yourself, your coworkers, and your office in purple.

For more info, visit Action Alz.

WebRing Contest
Would you like to run your own contest via your WebRing Community?

Imagine having the ability to run contests like these:

  • Best Short Fiction or Poetry
  • Most Informative Site
  • Breathtaking Photos
  • World-class Web Design

If we receive an overwhelming response, we will enable Ring Managers to "turn on" contests in their WebRing Communities. Interested? Let us know at The subject line should read "I Want to Run My Own Contest."

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