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Greetings !
June is International Men's Month. For sites dedicated to men, check out these Communities:

World-Wide Travelogues   Road Trips WebRing   Travel Photography   World Travel, Traveling and Tourism   Photography and Travel Ring  

WebRing Announces...
The Rewards Room Is Now Open!

"What can I do with my Activity Points?" The question comes up many times throughout a week here at WebRing, and we now have an answer for you — Redeem them in the Rewards Room!

We've filled the Rewards Room with some nifty items that you can purchase with your hard-earned activity points.

  • T-shirts & Caps
  • Teddy Bears & Messenger Bags
  • Mugs & Water Bottles
  • WebRing 2.0 Membership
Need More Activity Points?
If you've caught some of the conversations in the WebRing Shoutbox, you may have noticed some members comparing their Activity Scores. You can score a few points every time you sign in and use the WebRing system, but active members earn the most points.

What is an active member? An active member is one who posts to forums, one who writes and comments on blogs, one who rates and comments on sites within the thousands of WebRing Communities.

The members who have scored tens of thousands of Activity Points are those who invite new people on a weekly, if not daily basis. And we're not talking about spamming here. These members have taken the time to find quality sites that will add value to their WebRing Communities.

Future Additions
We will continue to build the Rewards Room over time. Some ideas include an "inexpensive" e-wards center and a way for you to "sell" your Activity Points to other members. What physical or virtual items would you add to the Rewards Room? We would love to hear from you.

Promotional Opportunity
Do you have a product or service you would like to promote? The Rewards Room presents an excellent advertising opportunity. Contact WebRing Marketing for details.

To visit the Rewards Room, click here.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you sell products, you understand inventory risk. Too much or too little stock can hurt your profits. Selling online can increase exposure and sales, but the time and effort required can be cumbersome.

Introducing ShopDragon
ShopDragon is a new e-commerce platform designed from the ground up for small businesses like yours, and it's coming online this fall. As a WebRing member, you will have an exclusive first opportunity to join this community of merchants.

ShopDragon provides an integrated solution for both online and over-the-counter sales a full-featured online webstore, plus a browser-based point of sale application.

The software integrates your store with the major shippers and payment methods, giving you the ability to focus on what you do best.

The simple web-based warehouse application treats online and offline sales the same, letting you fulfill your orders, print packing lists and shipping labels, and track all of your data.

Collaborate, Share, Cooperate
Like WebRing, ShopDragon harnesses the cooperative spirit. Merchants benefit from, among other things, shared product data, images, and customer reviews for every product offered on the network.

Finally... an easy, integrated e-commerce solution for small retailers! Want to learn more? Click here.

WebRing Supports
Group B Strep Awareness
Group B Strep 1 in 200 babies born will contract the life-threatening Group B Streptococcal during birth. 1 in 20 babies infected with GBS will die from it. Those who don't die will contract a wide array of lifelong problems including hearing, vision and learning disabilities.

GBS is the leading cause of death among newborns. Thankfully, GBS is easy to detect and even easier to prevent.

The Jesse Cause was established in the 1990s to help "Save Babies From GBS." You can certainly donate to their organization, but more importantly we encourage you to help them promote GBS awareness. It's much easier than you might imagine.

To learn how you can help raise GBS awareness this July, visit The Jesse Cause.

WebRing Tech Tip
Choosing a Great WebRing Community
Not all WebRing Communities are created equal. If you've rooted through the thousands of Communities, you've probably noticed that some are better than others.

Of course, "better" varies depending on your tastes. Some members adore a simple bare-bones site, while others prefer the flash of a Web 2.0 blog or a social network page. Whatever your tastes, the qualities of a great WebRing Community are consistent.

When choosing a WebRing Community to join, consider the following:

  • Are the sites listed "on topic"?
  • Do the sites listed contain quality content?
  • Are the sites regularly maintained?
  • Are all the sites in the Community still active?
  • Is the manager active?
  • Has the manager made the forum available and is it used by the members?

If you are a long-time WebRing member, you probably have further tips for new members. To let us know, or to read in more detail about each quality, see our blog.

Name the WebRing Bear Contest
The WebRing Bear With the grand opening of the Rewards Room comes the WebRing Teddy Bear. We would introduce you to him/her, but he/she doesn't have a name!

The staff at WebRing Marketing considered throwing around some ideas for names. Instead, we were inspired to take a different approach — Let the members decide!

What would you name this 10" black bear that sports a spiffy WebRing t-shirt? The contest ends July 15, 2008 at midnight PST. See our blog for complete details.

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